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Girls keeping art journals

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What is this?
A place to inspire.
A place to share.
A place to encourage.
A place to glorify God with our art.

Who is welcome?
Christian journalettes--girls who keep handcrafted journals for art and jottings and memories and thoughts and records and goals and dreams and sketchings.

What can I post?
Scans of your journal pages [reduce size to max 600x600 pixels first, please]
Prompts and ideas
Links to sites that inspire
Thoughts on journalling and writing for God's glory
Snippets of your writings

What can't I post?
Anything that contains profanity, or content of a violent or sexual nature.
Let's keep it real and keep it pure.

Why was my request to join rejected?
We're not being snobby, but when your userinfo and posts were being reviewed, we must have seen some profanities or content of a sexual nature there. Sorry, but we just wanna keep this community clean. You're welcome to friend the community, though!