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Hey guys. I'm not sure how this community is faring but...I'm still interested. So here are some scans

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You go, girl!!

Thank you so much for posting here in our little ailing community! I was just getting all amped today to inject some new life here and I see you've posted. Bravo!--and thank you.

Now about your journal pages... Wow. Wow pretty much sums it up. They are beautiful. Your handwriting is beautiful. Your illustrations are beautiful. Your collages are beautiful. Your thoughts are beautiful. I'm so inspired.

Is your journal a moleskine?

I just want to create now!
As small as it has remained so far, I am still very much in love with this community and your vision.
I love that God pre-empts our needs and requests and answers the prayers that we weren't even sure that we spoke someone posting today!

And thank you for your encouragement. Yes, it is a moleskine. They are kind of awesome :). I am so pleased that my little thoughts we able to come to life and inspire you! It is so...encouraging and inspiring for me too. I will endeavour to post more and more regularly soon.